Rubberized wheels & casters
Hose hook on rear of unit
Vinyl coated steel frame
Drain valve for easy cleanout
20 Gallon Capacity

METACART with Dosatron Injector
Specs and pricing coming soon.

METACART Part Number 80101002 • $695.00
Complete with:
.- Metamix 2502 Dosing Injector
- Stainless Steel Bracket
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- 10” Pneumatic Tires
- Stainless Steel Couplings
- ¾” Hose to attach right to your tap
- ¾” Water Filter
- Will fit your own container for easy transportation of your additive

Also available:
80101000 – Metacart Kit & Cart $275.00

80201002 – Metacart Kit & Injector $599.00

80201000 – Metacart Kit Only $175.00

10” Pneumatic Tires
For Carts, Dollies, Wagons etc.
Part Number 40801001

Please call for Pricing
*Not for Highway Use


The FertiGuard is a simple accessory designed as a solution for the common siphon effect in fertilization systems. The siphon effect can cause wide damage to different crops, plantations, garden plants etc.
The siphon effect might occur for the following reasons:
• The fertilizer solution tank is located higher then the fertilizer injector and the whole irrigation system.
• Vacuum forces can be created by the emitters gravity drain, at the end of each irrigation period; will pull out fertilizer solution into the irrigation system.
How does it work?
The FertiGuard is an accessory designed to hold a gravity pressure of 3.2 m. (10.5 ft) height and will avoid a fertilizer solution leak by gravitation - into the irrigation system. Because most of the commercial fertilizer tanks are approximately 1.5 – 2.0 meter high, and usually located near the main irrigation control head, the pressure created by the height of these tanks would not be able to go through the FertiGuard device, which is designed to be open only above 3.2 m. pressure.
How to install it?
The FertiGuard is installed simply on all ‘3/4 MixRite outlets connected by “3/4 threaded socket.
Pressure loss (head loss) for the system
The pressure loss created by the FertiGuard is minimal and will be usually around 1.2 – 1.5 m. (depended on the fertilizer tank height).
System maintenance
No need for any maintenance.

FlowGuard - The 3/4" adjustable 1.2 – 3.8M³
The FlowGuard is a uniquely designed accessory that allows safe action for the whole 3/4" METAMIX family, in order to avoid possible overflow damage.
How to install it?
The FlowGuard is installed before the 3/4" METAMIX inlet, using 3/4" plastic threaded socket.
What do we need it for?
The 3/4" METAMIX dosing injectors are originally design for a 2500 l/h (660 gal/h) max flow rate. Running the METAMIX on higher flow rates than its original design might accelerating aging damages or even, on extreme conditions, allows possible breakage.
The FlowGuard accessory that designed to be installed before the METAMIX inlet will prevent the system from overflowing.
How to adjust it?
The FlowGuard is supplied pre-adjusted on 3000 l/h as a standard. In case that other flow rates is required for the system, adjustment can be made by using ordinary flat head screwdriver, opening or closing the adjusting screw on the FlowGuard top.
Pressure Loss
The FlowGuard accessory will stay fully open almost up to the pre adjustable
flow rate. The head loss that will be created for the hole irrigation system will be, than, minimal for the whole working range.

PulseRite–METAMIX pulse transmission system
The PulseRite is a simple and reliable system that can be connected to all models of the METAMIX family. It is a system that allows communication between the METAMIX dosing injectors and all common professional irrigation controllers.
The system contains 2 major parts and one optional accessory
• Interior built in mechanism that sends an electric pulse for each pump stroke.
• Electric printed circuit board, locate in a sealed plastic box that converts the fast transmitted pulses into readable pulses for the irrigation controllers.
• Optional - Electric Level Float which activates alert signal showing end of fertilizer or additive solution.
What do we need it for?
The system allows all common professional irrigation controllers to collect the data regarding the amount of fertilizer or additive injected by the METAMIX injector.

• The data transmitted into the controller can be used to record the quantities of fertilizer or additive injected into the irrigation system.
• The controller can also be pre programmed to stop or start the METAMIX injector by shutting or opening a hydraulic/electric valve located before the METAMIX inlet. This type of integration allows 3/4" diameter METAMIX to be installed in bigger diameter water lines as a “bypass installation”.
• In this type of installation, the METAMIX injector is used as a “technical injector”. The proportioning method is created by the electric controller, allowing pre-programmed quantities of fertilizer to be injected evenly into the total amount of irrigated water.
• The PulseRite system can also be used to record quantities of additive by hooking it to a simple counter with ability to read the pulses and display it clearly.

The system is supplied with user manual containing all relevant conversion tables from the percentage scale on the pump into injected quantities of fertilizer. The relevant tables are also shown on the inside of each PulseRite plastic box.

When using the METAMIX 2504E (METAMIX 0.4%-4% with the PulseRite) the injector will be supplied with a unique red scale, showing a built in conversion scale allowing to skip using conversion tables.


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