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Metamix is a water driven proportioning injector for pumping an additive into a water line at a consistent induction rate over varying water pressure and flow rates. The Metamix dosing injectors are diluting the additives using only water power in an accurate and simple way without a need for any other energy source.
Fertigation is the application of fertilizer and chemicals through an irrigation system.

The practice of injecting liquid fertilizer into an irrigation system mainline (hence "fertigation") for delivery to a growing crop has been used in the nursery industry and agriculture for over 30 years.

The technique can reduce fertilizer application costs by eliminating an operation. It may also improve nutrient efficiency by applying them closer to when and where the plant needs them. Also, it could conceivably reduce leaching or dentrification (gaseous) losses of nitrogen.
Metamix's main advantages are:
• Easy to install
• No electricity needed
• Easy to adjust dosing percentages
• Replaceable seals
• Works at very low flow rate
• Easy to field repair
• Highly chemical resistant
• Perfect blending
• Highly resistant to U.V. radiation

Determining the right Metamix model for each application is done according to the customer's needs and the system specifications.

The unit will automatically start working when water is flowing in the water line and will continue until the flow stops. It is possible to control the suction operation by using the models with the On/Off system.
Some of the advantages of fertigation include the following:
• Eliminates the danger of burning turf.
• Each application costs nothing in equipment or manpower compared to mechanical fertilizer spreading. At the same time avoiding damage caused by heavy machinery to the crops and soil.
• Efficiency of nutrient utilization is excellent.
• Distribution of fertilizer is uniform.
• Micro-nutrients and soil conditioners can be very effectively applied.
• Poor quality irrigation water can be treated.

When using the Metamix as a part of drip-irrigation systems, the fertilizer is delivered directly and accurately to the root system of the plant avoiding contamination of the water table.

For fertigating large fields, we have developed the AgroRite. A system which includes the Metamix installed on a bypass water line with a control valve that maintains a fixed ratio between the flow rate in the main water line and the Metamix; Which guarantees the dosing percentage accuracy.

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